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Blue Note Bullies Puppy Policy

A sound breeding program with hard work and dedication has gone into the Blue Note Kennel. Each litter is planned to combine exceptional genetics to produce sound, correct American Bullies. Blue Note Bullies has produced top winning American Bullies in conformation.  We are a young Kennel with high expectations of our future Bullies. All Puppies are sold with guarantees and life time support in any training or competition venue. If I can’t help you I will provide materials to aid you or refer you to someone that can help in any of your needs. All puppies are placed after appropriate health checks. Puppies are raised in the house and are exposed to many sights and sounds. At about six weeks of age I move on to exploring different adventures to further their awareness of the great outdoors and the world around them before leaving for their future homes.


I promise to always support you in raising and training your American Bully. I am always here for buyers with questions in training and health advice to ensure a lifelong home for these special puppies.


Deposits are required and will be deducted from the purchase price of the puppy. Buyers will be placed in pick order by contract commitment and deposits received.


Blue Note Bullies puppy placing policy we determine each individual puppy’s placement according to that specific puppy’s personality, and by the role it will play within its new family. Because, as breeders, we feel it is very important to place each puppy in the right home, we carefully evaluate each puppy’s temperament as it is growing in order to make this determination.


Please understand that we breed on a limited basis, and it is not a made-to-order business in regards to color, sex, temperament or quality (show or pet).


In matching puppies with owners, we try to be as expedient as possible in the decision making process, but we do not begin making final decisions about which homes individual puppies go to until after 6-8 weeks of age when overall health, temperament, structure and movement can be clearly evaluated. (Puppies do not leave for their new homes until they are at least 8 weeks).

Show/Breeding/Performance Quality Pups

Puppies are exceptional examples of the breed. There are no known hereditary defects affecting the puppy’s suitability for performance and breeding. These puppies are eligible to full ABKC registration. Contact us for information on pricing of our Show Dogs


Companion | Pet ($3000).

Puppies are physically sound and make wonderful companions and household pets. They may have  slight variations of the Breed Standard which would not make them show quality and are sold with limited registration, meaning that these puppies must be spayed or neutered. They are eligible to compete in all performance events (agility and obedience), but cannot compete in ABKC events.  

A Deposit of $300.00 is required to hold any pup or position on the waiting list. Deposit goes toward the total cost of the pup. Deposit refund only if we cannot provide the sex of puppy requested.

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