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Blue Note Bullies

We believe in breeding on a very limited basis and we are dedicated to the improvement of the American Bully Breed. Our Kennel is ABKC Registered (

Our goal is to breed American Bullies that are of extreme intelligence clean in movement, sound in temperament and structure.

Our puppies are raised in our home in a loving environment to ensure proper socialization and development.

Since our puppies are of the highest quality, we screen every potential buyer, to make sure our puppies have the best environment possible.

Blue Note dogs & puppies are raised in our home and are given daily socialization, experiencing a variety of situations appropriate for their ages. Our puppies receive tremendous amounts of love. We have spent lots of time with each one of them to ensure that they will be well rounded in all areas (Pet, Show, and Performance Etc.).

Blue Note Bullies are raised on a premium balanced raw diet (if you plan on feeding kibble, please let me know so we can make sure your puppy starts out on kibble).

Each puppy or dog will receive the appropriate health preventatives for their age.  We use limited vaccinations on our dogs and puppies.


All of our dogs | puppies are eligible for ABKC registration and are sold with one of the following written contracts:

Pet | Companion Spay or neutered
Show | Breed and Performance

Puppy Reservations - When a reservation on a litter for a puppy is placed, a $300.00 Nonrefundable deposit is required, which will be deducted from the purchase price of the dog.

Should a breeding not produce the specific type (companion or show/breeding),  or sex reserved, the buyer may use the deposit towards:

1) another puppy from the same litter
2) a puppy from a future litter.
3) If a particular sex that was asked for is not available, I will refund the deposit. (Please note that deposits will NOT be refunded for any other reason).

Please be aware that we often do have a waiting list for our puppies. Thank you!

Adult Reservations - A $300.00 Nonrefundable deposit is also required on any adult dog being held before going to its new home, which will be deducted from the purchase price of the dog. No adult dog will be held without a deposit.

Pet/Companion Puppies are $3000.00
Show/ Performance Prospects are priced individually on a private basis.

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